What is a Twitter Party?

That is a great question and I can’t believe how many people I talked to, have never heard of a twitter party.

Well it is usually about 1 hour in length. My twitter parties are 45 minutes in length. What happens is the party host (me) will ask questions. I like the number 6, so my parties are always 6 questions over 45 minutes.

You as the guest, interact. You interact by responding to the questions with a hashtag. This hashtag is like a bookmark so we and you can keep track of the responses. By interacting and responding to questions, you have a chance to win the prizes set aside for that party.

Clear as mud?

You almost have to give it a go to get the hang of it. Once you have been to one party you will get on to.

What are the benefits?

You don’t have to wear make up.
You can wear your pjs.
You might win a great prize.
You can meet new people on twitter.
You might learn something.
You will probably leave with a smile on your face.

Here are some tips if you are new to the Twitter Party game.

The host (me) will ask some questions when the party starts. You will see I will a tweet something that might look like this:

Q1. What is your favourite topping to spread on bread at lunch?

Then it is your turn. Just like a game right?

So you would start your tweet with:

Q1 I like peanut butter #spreadonbread @judyfoodieca

You always need to put the Q1 or Q2 for example as this refers to the question you are responding to with your tweet.

You always need to put in the hashtag that has been assigned for that party. For example #spreadonbread

You should put the hosts name or twitter handle @judyfoodie.ca

Now when you see others respond this is where it gets fun and the conversation takes off like wildfire. You can respond to someone else, comment or like. Just remember that all tweets should have the hashtag or it will not really count as an entry for the draw. (you don’t want that to happen).